She fucked up Light Yagami's fucking psychopathic plan for some weird ass wannabe Romeo and Juliet fairytale or some shit like that. Glad to say she fucking died with her one sided lover that believes they are god because they hold paper and pen. Both of them are literal dumbasses.Her style of fashion tho is fucking lit and it can rail me. L Lawliet took a liking to her but he played her like Light because they're both fucking gay for each other. Anyway Misa is also the second Kira which is hard to believe.Like Kira is supposed to be for smart ppl, not for you find your lover. Like fucking download tinder. Anyway, she is the literal definition of CLINGY. She fucking bought eyes from a god just to impress the wannabe god. Literally, and if that's not enough she did it TWICE!Like desperate much? Anyway the price for the eyes isn't some stupid paper from a wooden stick, it's half of your remaining life! ! And Misa did that twice because you won't believe this but SHE GOT A GOD TO LOVE HER! People say its protecting but we can see he wants her to fucking rail his Skeleton dead body.His name is Rem and he looks like a skeleton with a mop wig.But tbh when you have to stalk someone of the opposite gender, your forced to love them even if you are a god...Misa's so called bf had this brilliant plan, and he got Rem to die for Misa so that way Misa's life extends hella long. She's annoying and I wanted to smack her but you know I'd rail her if I could. She deserved hella ass better.
"Have you heard of Misa Amane?"
"Huh? Who?"
"She's totally fictional, but she is a clingy ass bitch."
"Cool, sounds like my type."
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