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A way propagandists, liars, fraudsters, and their careless repeaters describe theft by banks via fraudulent contracts, that can severely impact municipalities, their residents, small businesses, their employees, and other victims. A word used to take some of the most damaging fraud of our time and make it seem as trivial as a cashier shorting you a nickel or accidentally switching your purchased mango with another customer's bananas. Akin to saying Al Capone was Mis-behaving.
Bob, "Banks have been mis-selling contracts (sometimes via bribes) designed to be far too complex for clients to understand, and to profit themselves greatly at the expense of their clients (victims), sometimes as a result of market information the bank doesn't share (those AAA mortgage-backed derivatives are sacks of shit), or direct market manipulations (LIBOR) by those very banks."

Tim, "Isn't that fraud?"

Bob, "Yes, but let's be gentlemen and call it mis-selling. Here, have an austerity cookie and a pat on the head."

Tim, "Nevermind my bankrupted municipality, crappy services (as there is little money left to pay for them), rising property taxes and rent (renters pay property taxes one step removed), or my being laid off from my job. I've got a cookie! Fuck ya!"
by Danbits February 07, 2013
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