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Lovely personality, but a bit of a ditzbag. Super musical and creative, she'll rock your world. Totally boobalicious. She's so sweet, almost like a lab puppy, she'll forgive you when ever you mess up, and she'll love you forever. But, like a dog, she doesn't always get a joke, and her sarcasmdar is waaayy out of whack. She'll think you hate her if you have a disagreement, but in an adorable way. You can't even get mad at her for the hoards of loving people that come after you with pitch forks and other sharp or flaming memorabilia if you upset her (most likely a misunderstanding). She has tons of guys after her (though she can't tell): almost as many as she likes, but still, in an adorkable type of way. Some of the sweetest guys want her, to make her feel like the romantic princess she reads about, but she always falls for total dickwads. She's the best friend anyone could ever ask for, even if she does ask some incredibly obvious or awkward questions about dirty stuff. You must love Rissa. <3

*Loves adventuring with Donnas and Carries
*Is the ultimate hipster, but not in a bad way
Daniel: Duuuuude... Do you think Miryssa will ever look my way?
Cody: She has, about a billion times. But her head's usually up in the clouds, so she probably didn't notice your glazed, drool-stained stare or your semi-boner.
Daniel: I can't tell if that;s a good thing or not....
by CutenessOverlord May 07, 2013
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