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The dodgiest suburb in the northern suburbs of Perth. There is a high percentage of aboriginals and africans living in Mirrabooka, who hang out and mirrabooka square and the bus station begging for money and picking fights with people who are minding their own business.

Mirrabooka is also home to possibly the smelliest centrelink in Perth.
Matt: Hey bro, meet me at Mirrabooka Bus Station

James: Nah man, i don't feel like get hassled for money today.
by ms no name December 04, 2013
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By definition an area of many hookers, found most prominently in WA, Australia. (WAnkerville) There are stark contrasts to pre-settlement days of the English where the indigenous population would showcase their tribal women for the men to pick - prior to going on a hunting expedition to prove themselves to the woman.

A more distinct and accepted meaning in current times is an area who's residents fall into the adult entertainment area but are usually not completely legitimate enterprises.
TheDude: Dude, i'm pissing off work early to hit the Mirrabooka
SomeOtherDude: Watchout man, I hear they be crackin down on the ho's in Mirrabooka
TheDude: Maybe I can haggle some ho then!
by MaybeDick March 28, 2016
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