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A nice and lovable girl with a shy but outgoing personality. She can be sassy at times but at the same time sweet. She is sort of a nerd but will report the bully's that come across her. She is on earth because she must help and spread love to all she meets. She is alot like a Rebecca, and since her name is made up of Mira and Lee, she is exactly both. She has low self esteem however, but she does her best to keep everyone happy. She sucks at video games though. She is beautiful and loving and sweet. She never wants to be in conflict with anyone but she will do her best to keep everyone safe. When she loves someone, she will do anything for them, and is hurt to see them in pain. She can feel other people's emotions and will be confused as if they were her own. Miralee's are hard to find and someone would be lucky to have one in their life. A Miralee would love cats and all animals, but a cat is particularly her favorite. She is a socially awkward kind of person but will be a leader when it comes to competition. Anyone would be lucky to have a Miralee in their life.
Mother: Miralee is so beautiful! And she is the best daughter someone could have!
by Kitticatz2.0 October 07, 2019
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