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When you are too deluded to realize your make believe girl friend is actually a transvestite.
Did you know Roger had a Mirage à trois last night!? Really? Yes, his date and her two balls!
by PooPooPharthead March 27, 2010
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A guy hanging out with two girls anticipates a threesome that never materializes.
Alice: How was your night, Bob?

Bob: Oh man, got fucked up drinking with these two chicks and totally thought I was gonna bang both of them, then at then end of the night they gave me a kiss on the cheek and stole my cab!

Alice: Ha! Total mirage à trois, jerkoff!
by gouletgoo December 22, 2013
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When you wake up from a sexual dream in the middle of the night, and think that there are 2 women in bed with you, only to realize that they are just bunched up blankets.
He kept the lights on during sleep to avoid the reoccuring mirage a trois experience.
by Greyegg May 05, 2010
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