An amazing song by U2, it was inspired by a disabled boy the band members had gone to school with. Thanks to the care of his doctors and the love of his mother, the boy was eventually able to write poetry, and he went on to publish books.
Aside from the song's meaning, some one can be your Miracle Drug.
A younger sibling who makes you smile, a friend you call when you can't put your pain into words, some one who understands you. Whoever it is, they are your Miracle Drug.
by yrahcaz February 18, 2008
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Something that can attain a euphoric state, such as an extremely delicious plate of fettucine alfredo, or downing a whole bottle of aspirin with a 40 oz Colt 45.
Willis: I've been in such a stupor lately.

Cornelius: Well, i'm not, I just took like 15 vicodin, and i'm feeling gooooooooood....

Willis: Ah, the miracle drugs, pass some down you fuckhole.

Steve: My girl gave me a blowjob when I came home, she's totally my Miracle Drug.

Tyrone: Youse wun lukky nigga, muhfucker.
by milesofrain February 4, 2009
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