The Minus World Glitch is a glitch in Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System and is commonly known among Nintendo fans. Near the end of World 1-2, players can jump near the top of the pipe leading to the normal exit, and by doing this correctly, Mario will slide through the wall and appear in the "Warp Zone" area. Although it may look like the Warp Zone, it is an entirely different route. If the player enters the first pipe, Mario will appear in "World -1", a perpetually repeating water world overrun with Cheep Cheep and Bloopers.
Mario was forever lost in the mystical, ever repeating Minus World. Princess Toadstool would never be rescued, forever in the clutches of the evil King Koopa (A.K.A. Bowser). The Minus World Glitch had ended Mario's quest.
by Smortie May 28, 2008
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