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when you smoke a ton of good pot on the Mississippi River while listening to Bob Dylan (Prince, if you're black).
Guy 1: Hey, wanna go smoke down by the river?
Guy 2: Hell Yeah! Let's get a Minnesota High!
by Snowy Jack June 18, 2013
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The frustration accompanied by mild euphoria one experiences shortly after smoking an 1/8th that you bought in minnesota. Minnesota is a state where the average eighth costs 30-50% more than what the same grade/quality of pot would cost in a state with legal or medical marijuana. Typically, the dealer will tell you it's good s*** or if there a little more honest "it's mid-grade" which is a "minnesota nice" way of saying it's ALMOST not schwag.
Example of Minnesota High:
Dealer: "you feelin' anything yet?"
Smoker: "you betcha, I think I'm almost high"
(15-20mins later)
Smoker: "Oh yeah sure, I'll eat some hotdish like a good Minnesotan does when he has the munchies!"
(another 15 minutes later)
Smoker: "well, that was not worth $60. $40 at best. But, rather than confront someone about it and attempt to change things for the better, I'll just to whine about it to everyone else but the source of the problem since I'm a Minnesotan. Then when I'm done, I'll do what Minnesotans are statistically proven to do time and again: Binge drink Nordeast and Leinenkugel's and then drive down Hennepin Ave.
by YelloBiafra August 02, 2013
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