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First experimented with, invented, patented, and consumed in the great lands of Minnesota. In places where great friends get together for more than a good time, but commune ceremoniously in Dionysian style celebrations of strength in friendship. Stout Minnesotan’s deify their virtuous alliance by slamming down the ‘Minnesota Minnow Shot’. A drink consisting of: 1 part stout spirit, and a single fresh swimming minnow. First the shots are to be decanted together in a line, then live Minnesota minnows are to be dropped into each glass immediately before ingestion. Minnesota minnow shots are not for the novice or inexperienced dipsomaniac. Only minnows born of Minnesota lakes will appropriately serve the task. No compliment to Minnesotan wildlife intended, just simply observed that Minnesota minnows possess the unique ability to live submerged in alcohol a spell longer than most North American breeds; for reasons modern science has yet to reveal.

The Minnesota Minnow Shot tradition was born, when young people around MN began drinking the shots for fun.
by Shomas April 07, 2009
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