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A 'Mini-Freakout' is the unsuccessful, near orgasm state of a severely drunken male receiving fellatio from his female partner.

Similar to multiple-orgasms, one can have multiple mini-freakouts. Most multiple mini-freakout occurrences have been known to yield precisely three mini-freakouts back-to-back. It is found that the three symbolizes the holy trinity of Christ found in one, or both partners. The father, represented by the male, the son represented by the impending semen ejaculation and the holy ghost represented by the mini-freakout itself, or as it is also known, 'ghost' semen.

A mini-freakout typically results in the male partner receiving bitter, short responses from his female counterpart for 30 minutes following the mini-freakout or as reported in some cases, a lifetime of atonement.
"Hey man, I was getting blowies but I was blasted on Stoli Gold. I went thrice mini-freakout and felt the hand of God stopping me from releasing my seed pre-marriage!"

"Was it a mini-freakout or a case of the Dry Click?"
by Mini-Freakout-Master January 23, 2013
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