A small crewmate from the game Among Us that some people hate, and honestly, that's ok.
But the sympathizers...
"sOUlLesS iNSaNe pSYcHo"
Please be kind to people no matter their opinion.
Guy 1: I like the mini crewmate!
Guy 2: I don't like it tha-
Guy 1: "sOUlLesS iNSaNe pSYcHo"
by LoopDeDoopLaLoop November 25, 2020
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The best pet in Among Us and the only one people know
Sam: Yo Marcus, I just got a new dog in Among Us.
Marcus: Screw that man, Mini Crewmate is better.

Sam: Ok I'll pay 3 dollars for a Mini Crewmate

Among Us Mini Crewmate is the best thing in Among us
by BigSmoke40 October 19, 2020
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the among us pet that looks like your among us character, only smaller. like a baby amongus.
my favorite among us pet is the mini crewmate
by WHOISTHIS_E January 25, 2023
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