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Minh Anhs are usually hot and pretty girls who don't realize how precious they are, and always underestimate themselves. Shes had her trust broken before and won't bring her wonders out until she has full trust within you. Can be a real goddess in bed, (only to the people she feels that deserves to feel her magic). If you mess with her heart you will regret it forever. She has high standards and doesn't put up with fakes or lies, Minh Anh sees right through them. She loves to have a good time. She treats everyones problems as if they were her own, if you come to her for advice shes tries everything she can to solve them. She loves to help everyone and cares for people even more than she cares for herself. She's a sweatheart who can be sensitive at times where she feels helpless. When Minh Anh's at her best she is so incredibly fun and fearless. They're mysterious and have alot more on their minds than you think they do. She's the best friend you will ever have she puts everyone before herself and always understands everyones problems no matter how strange they can be. Take care of your Minh Anh's because she a delicate flower full of undeniable beauty, love, care, passion and sympathy. Shes got your back even if it means making herself look like a fool she'll always be there for you.
Guy 1 : "I'm so ticked off right now, I wish I had someone to talk to and truly love that I can trust."

Guy # 2: "It seems to me like you need to find a Minh Anh."
by pjkgod78 June 04, 2018
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Beautiful,Smart but sometimes mischievous and suspicious. Normally loved by everyone
Damn Minh Anh's so smart and pretty and all that! she's perfect
by dklatroie August 27, 2016
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a lil short ass girl who is
really short with no ass at all. but she's cute and funny. that's why people pay less attention about her height
Oh, look at that chick. she's so minh anh
you're so minh anh that you can't even reach my armpits
by qt rice boy August 26, 2016
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