Mingoias are a rare, natural accruing animal, primarily found in the lands of Florida. Mingoias will typically be drawn to specific video games throughout their lifetime, including: Minecraft, Arma 3, The Division 2, and other Mil-Sim games. While it is rare that a Mingoia lives past the age of 20, some records have been found of a specific Mingoia named Ryan. He is currently the oldest known Mingoia to have set foot in Florida since 2000.

While many Mingoias travel alone or with a pair, Ryan seems to have been adopted by other animals throughout North America. Some include the rare Saige312, the reluctant Scorpio, the devious DeckardCain, the elusive Tompou, the energetic IZEN, and the babbling Ghost.

Mingoias are some of the most rarest creatures found in North America, with records showing that only 3 are currently living in the world today. One report is that the Mingoia Ryan, currently works a 5 out of 7 day job and has little time to join and socialize with his fellow tribe. But this does not stop him from playing Minecraft with a select few of his family.
Tom: “Hey, have you seen Mingoia around?”
Saige: “No, i think he’s working... again”
by Saige312 September 10, 2019
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