One of the best professors Hogwarts has ever seen. She is strict, but clever, funny, and caring. Some of her best moments were when she was making Umbridge look like a fool and fighting the Death Eaters in Deathly Hallows.
Slytherin: I loathe Minerva McGonagall, she never let's us have a free day..

Ravenclaw: But she's so smart, and I'm glad she let's us do work!

Gryffindor: Did you see her stand up to that Umbridge woman?! None of the other teachers had the guts to stand up to her.

Hufflepuff: C'mon guys, I don't like conflict...
by Veronica Margaret January 5, 2012
Such a legend. The most bad-ass professor Hogwarts has ever seen, and then she went on to become the headmistress of the school, the ONLY wizarding school in Scotland, might I add. She ALSO was the head of Gryffindor house. She won't take any crap from nobody.

Also loves biscuits.
And can take the form of a cat.
We stan.
Hufflepuff: Wow, Minerva McGonagall is so cool.
Slytherin: But she gives so much homework.

Ravenclaw: That doesn't matter, Slytherin. It shows she values both her job, and learning. That's good in my book.

Gryffindor: Lol, which book Ravenclaw, you have to many to count. But Puff is right, McGonagall is so bad-ass. Slytherins just jealous that our head of house can crush theirs in a duel, while still being an absolute legend.
by nonojuststop October 13, 2019