The act of putting your dick on something, and making it yours.
Cable splicer is Mine Now.
by cableguym June 16, 2020
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Man 1: Gib me ur moneeez.
Man 2: No way!
Man 3: Do you think I'm stupid?
Man 1: MINE NOW!
Man 2: *gasps* Here you go. (gives man 1 the money)
Man 3: *in absolute shock* Okay. (gives man 1 the money)
Man 1: *chuckles* Hehehehehe...
by I LIKE CHEEEZE September 26, 2019
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they wanna f*ck you so much or become friends and they want you to ask them out
by :) me and you:( October 21, 2020
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They are saying you are there girl/boyfriend.
"Justin your mine now"
by Keejwcusbe December 26, 2017
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