Cool bums who hang out on mill ave in tempe, arizona. Often these people are artists, who will make you things or preform for you if you give them attention.
Person A: Dude, Happy Cabbie made me a hat that looks like a fish out of balloons!

Person B: Dude, he's my favorite mill rat.
by altheaxcore April 22, 2007
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Young homeless people and panhandlers who congregate around Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe, Arizona. Though often used as a derogative term, it is also used by the street people to describe themselves.

Probably coined as a variant of mallrat, with "mall" replaced by Mill Avenue.
Those panhandlers aren't ASU students, dude, they're Millrats.
by M S November 17, 2004
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An utterly despicable waste of space that inhabits Mill Ave., in Tempe, AZ. They pass themselves off as artists when in all reality they are no-talent-ass-clown-college-drop-outs that survive off of the donations of others nearly as retarded as they are.
The Mill Rat is sleeping in vomit.

The Mill Rat is consuming vomit.

The Mill Rat is covered in my vomit.
by WayneGS June 19, 2007
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