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A semi-aquatic creature that can be found in / around puddles and shallow, slow flowing streams across all of France.

It's diet consists of the soft cheeses native to it's homeland, as well as the occasional child.

In recent times the French authorities have tried to control the Millerpuss population, often through methods which would usually be considered inhumane.

When confronted with a Millerpuss, people are advised to make as much noise as possible, as an attempt to confuse or startle the creature.

The male Millerpussies have a scent which is similar to that of rotting flesh and old dairy products. It is believed that this odour is used to attract female Millerpussies.
Example one:

Guy 1: What is that smell?

Guy 2: It might be a Millerpuss.

Guy 1: Oh.

Example two:

Oh shit, it's a wild Millerpuss!

What should Guy 1 do?

Guy 1 used Thunder!

It was super effective!

Jacob Miller fainted!

Guy 1 gained 1337 EXP. points!

Guy 1 grew to level 6!

Guy 1 learned tackle!
by Captain Protector of France August 07, 2010
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