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A Milkfest is the term given to an event in which large amounts of milk are consumed in a matter of minutes. The term 'Milkfest' was coined in 2010 by three adventurous teenagers (Alex Scott, Ejaz Majoka and Ben Allinson) who took advantage of this profound, accidental discovery, and made it as their most crucial necessity. From that day forward these courageous teenagers have been guzzling down large amounts of milk (such as 8 pints) daily. The expert scientists at the University of Cambridge have been performing tests on these brave adolescents, and they have found that their calcium levels, Vitamin A and other chemicals are constantly 30% higher than average which means that they are at a much lower risk (74%) of developing cancer and other malfunctions to the brain and the body.
Ben: I'm thirsty.
Ejaz: Shall we have drink?
Alex: Lets have a milkfest?
Zach (Newcomer): YEAH!!!!!
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