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Milania is a beautiful and outgoing girl, she always speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to tell you the truth. She is a daredevil and takes many risks. She’s often a girl with brown or black hair and hazel eyes. She’s boy crazy and falls for all guys regardless of their age, however she is gorgeous so guys often fall for her too. She loves electronics and will rarely ever be caught doing something outside without her phone.
Guy 1: “Hey I know that girl, her names milania she has a huge crush on me even though I’m 10 years older than her.”
Guy 2: “ I don’t know, I think she’s hot.”
by Hhhgggtttyyyyp April 07, 2019
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A pretty, tall, slim girl who makes everyone laugh. She isn't afraid to embarrass herself and is good at calming people down! She is picky with guys, so if you date a Milania, your one lucky guy; and she must really like you! She loves theater, singing and dancing. She most likely will be something important and go to a good college in the future. Never trigger Milania's because they know how to deal with situations!
Jake: Dang, she must be embarrassed!
Chase: That's Milania, she doesn't care...
by 42222222 June 03, 2017
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A very loud and chubby girl. A fierce fighter and never gives up. All ways wants it to be her own way and no one else's. Sometimes very nice, she is also cute.she is very funny and will make U laugh all day long
Hey bro what happened?
She beat me like A milania
by Mcpb February 17, 2017
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