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When classy meets sassy (or the other way around?). her halo rings are held up by her horns and she ain't scuurrreeddd to have a good time. is friends with Greg and Elani, a bum named matt, and a fly guy drop dead sexy dude named jason which she WISHES she could be as somewhat cool as him. quick to fry somebody people even when its little things like locking yourself out of your car
Mikole is cool.
I wish I was like Mikole.
Mikole is the greatest.
Mikole loves Jason.
Mikole is probably going to read this.
All of the Above
by blackpower123456 February 04, 2009
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A nasty mexican whore with many STD's. They snarl, foam at the mouth, and worst of all, they'll sleep with your boyfriend and give him HIV.
Mikole's come in many shapes and sizes, but most commonly have big ass bird lookin' noses, and nasty jello, cellulite asses.
If you see or know a Mikole, don't hesitate to call animal control.
Dude 1: Hey I fucked this girl last night
Dude2: Oh yeah? What was her name?
Dude 2: Mikole.
Dude1: oh yeah I fucked her too!

Girl: You know she has HIV and crabs right?....

Dude1 and dude 2: FUCK!!!!!

(The two dudes go to a health clinic to get checked out and were both found to be HIV positive.)
by Shannen G. March 26, 2009
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