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The act of making a profoundly pompous or arrogant statement then quickly retreating to a modest position while maintaining the former is still a fact. The term was coined when inconspicuous characters with common names, such as ‘Michael’ or ‘Joseph’, would act like consequence-free TV-personalities in the real world.
Guy: I have an invite I’d like to extend your way. How bout a couple of drinks then we blow this popsicle stand and go to the real party at my house! Or hey what do you want to do?
Girl: Quit being a Mikey-mike, why don’t we just hang out?
Guy: What does that even mean? You know I could use a break once in awhile – it’s hard being the guy that knows where all the fun spots are!

Guy #1: I was thinking about buying a car, got any suggestions?
Gentleman #2: My Porsche, exceuse me PorscHA, is just collecting dust and with this economy you should seriously consider investing in private jets – my G6 is making me a killing! Or have you considered the environmentally friendly bike?
Guy #1: I definitely need a car. Can you name a few realistic ones I would actually buy?
Gentleman #2: You could really use a workout, go with the bike.
Guy #1: Later Mikey-mike.
Gentleman #2: I love the name! Could we change it to DJ Mikey-mike Pizzle? I feel it would really bring out my creative personality!
by Rinkifer January 14, 2011
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