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This is a person of anglo descent, but oddly resembles that of hispanic orgin. They are known for their love of churro's, old school hip hop (only the truest!), and their own rap stylings are the best they have ever heard! They live in small communities, but yet they can be found in urban environments. They beef with everyone occasionaly for sport, and have evil henchmen. They often can be found grooming their eyebrows, speaking spanglish, and chasing short haired facebook girls. They can be doing things at a midlevel, that we, cannot fathom. They are hilarious, but not as funny as an Athena. Athena's always trump a Mikejae on a humor scale by 6 pts. They are not good with technology, and cannot figure out how to put one song on an ipod, unless they ask their teen son for advice; 6 months later. They tend to anger you, but always find a way to get back into your heart. Athena's are naturally drawn to them due to their need to fix and teach them technology, their sense of humor (though again, Athena's tip the scale), and OCD/ADD musings. If in the same place at the same time an Athena + a Mikjae =Anarchy. Athena's like to act like Mikejaes have no value at times.. but can be found buying trinkets and gifts and thinking of them often.
Example 1: Person a: Did you hear that numedia song?

Person b: Yeah.. it's okay, but it's no Mikejae

Example 2: Person a: Is he chicano?

Person b: Nah.. that's a MikeJae

Example 3: Person a: A clown, a black dude, some white chic in 80's clothing and a hat with a hole in it, some scrawny white kid who makes beats, some portly kid with an icp tattoo, and some dude with a mole...

Person b: Oh.. that's mikejae n' dem..
Example 4: Person a: Is that Jesse Pinkman?

Person b: Nah, that's a mikejae
by thatonegirlpb September 21, 2012
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