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On the Nintendo Wii, in the programmable interface wherein a near identical visual representation of a person the user knows and interacts with on a normal everyday daily basis in aim that these can be manipulated and interacted with:

1. Any number of people in a specific folk group (Ex: Co-Workers, Roomates, Class mates, friends and family, Celebrity icons, Arch nemesis, Nintendo characters, etc) Can Put into the nintendo Wii.

2. Their Implementation therewithin.

Up to this point of time, they can be used in a setting were they can interact, be swapped, played with and be sent fom console to console. These literal sprites of information are rapidly growing in population and will, foreseeably, add a shift in society. For example I can bowl a few frames with My voice teacher Joan, a character my roomates have adopted as a personal mascot called "FunkJesus", and My mom. Because I don't see her nearly enough. In time, these electronic representtions have replaced their actual biological counterparts.

4. The Miiciety is capable to be viewed and controlled by humans (or, Anti-miisapiens), but never fully joined by them, due to our biological barrirers. We will never be able to matriculate fully into their Mii-ciety.

5. God. You're playing God. You're playing God while you're playing Tennis.
STEVE is playing Baseball on the Wii. GUY 2 enters.)

Steve "Man, Mr Johnson, my 5th grade math teacher just stuck out against my ex-girl friend Natalie."

Guy 2 "Didn't you date her in high school?"

Steve "Yeah, sophomore year."

GUY 2 "Wow. You've created a regular MII-CIETY there haven't you Steve?"

Steve "..."

GUY 2 " You have alot of free time on your hands Steve?"

Steve "..."

GUY 2 "Is that Canadian Folk Rocker Jewel?"

Steve " Yeah, she's got a wicked splitter."

(Steve is from Boston)
by Brendan Mack February 18, 2007
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