A very sexy person who doesn't value himself enough. A kind-hearted individual, who always puts others before himself. Someone anyone would be lucky to have. Miheers' are also very panda-like because they tend to be very lazy. But they give the BEST hugs ever.

The person who radiates happiness, he makes you smile with all your heart and you love him and never want to loose him. He is an achiever and the best person you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on, of you ever find him just hold on tight and never let go cause he is a gemHe e doesn't know how valuable he really is so make him realise his worth.

Girls could be lucky if they find a miheer but this muthafocka makes stupid mistakes for which he is to be forgiven.
Miheer is a beastly dude.

Ohh look there he is a real Miheer!
by It's me the panda November 02, 2018
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