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A generic term to used define an ailment.

Long ago, in a BBS far away, there was a girl named. . . well, we'll call her Screamer. Screamer was a girl that was constantly complaining of something being wrong with her. One year she insisted that she had 984 surgeries and was in 64 car accidents. Okay, that's a little bit of an exaggeration but, at one point she blamed all of her ailments on Fibromyalgia. The fact that she was extremely overweight and never exercised was of no concern to her, IT WAS FIBROMYALGIA.

One day, in one of the BBS's anon forum, Screamer was being teased. Someone asked her if her Miggly was flaring up. Well, after that day, everyone started calling all of their aches and pains on their "miggly". Their miggly could happen because of a stubbed toe or menstrual cramps. Anything was eligible for being declared a miggly.
My friend Anna came up to my desk holding her head asking for some pain reliever. I looked at her and said, "Oh noes! Do you have some head miggly, Anna?"
by Summy December 15, 2006
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