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A girl from Midlothian, VA where the girls are guaranteed to come easy and sleazy ;)

Signs she's from Midlo:
1. facebook "chats" you, often saying "hey you're really hot"
2. responds to you doing #1 to her
3. doesn't know you well but because you said she's pretty she gives you her numbers to "text her later"
4. sends you "pics" via phone or email
5. hits on you at the river
6. flirts persistently even if you have a gf
and so on
"yo man i fucked that chick insert female name last night"

"wait...dude. i did too"

"then she went back to her boyfriend's place"

"lol. must be from Midlo."

"ha she was. gotta love those Midlo Hos.
by aceiojalwkefjoaij June 24, 2010
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