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A city in upstate New York where the drugs are heavy, the gangs are big, and the schools consist of both. You really only get to know those 18-25 year old guys who spend their time selling e-bombs and smoking out of the bong they just got from Rock Fantasy. Most don't have all their teeth and others have noticeable types of stds. Sometimes they leave their designated smoking area to ride their skateboards to Citgo to start some fights or get a dutch. Most people are referred to as "bro" and everyone has a ridiculous nickname that has nothing to do with anything. There are various houses around Middletown that house two to three guys and are supported by the funds of their parents. Usually, this house is used to keep other out of trouble and is always open to smoke a blunt or play some beer pong on the kitchen table at two in the afternoon. Other events in Middletown include : Going to the mall, buying some crack... in the mall, smoking this crack, having sex in closets, cheating on their girlfriends, playing twister, buying a carton of cigarettes, selling drugs, buying drugs, doing drugs, losing drugs, finding drugs, doing lines, going to McDonalds, buying a new piece at Rock Fantasy, etc.
Bro: Yo, bro wanna smoke a bong at route 6 house in Middletown New York when we're done selling these E-bombs?
Bro 2: Hell yeah yo, we haven't been there in over an hour.
by Jbugs October 12, 2009
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