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Built in 2001, the East Wing of Middlebrook houses some of the finest men/women on campus. While most assume living in Middlebrook defines one as an honors or art kid, the East Wing is quite different. The East Wing is filled with people that actually know how to have a good time and don't mind making fun of kids in the Tower. East Wingers are the elite few that can put up with Tower kids and still be considered cool. Lastly, the East Wing has the best rooms on campus, perfect for partying! Also referred to as East Wing, Beast Wing
Woman: Dude, you are so awesome! Lets go back to your place!
Guy: Okay, but it's all the way over in Middlebrook.
Woman: You're in Middlebrook?! I thought you guys couldn't find your way out of a paper bag!
Guy: Oh, that's the Tower kids. I live in the Middlebrook East Wing.
Woman: The East Wing?
Guy: Yeah! Everyone there is great and we have outrageous parties!
Woman: That sounds awesome! Lets go!
by ummmokaysure October 06, 2013
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