The forgotten being known to be made before the Younger Sibling and after the Older Sibling. this being is either to young or old to do things the the younger sibling or older sibling desire. yet many middle sibling are known to be depressed or forced to do the older sibling and younger sibling's chores.
by BlainaCipher May 30, 2019
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Middle siblings are the least loved and most overlooked siblings. They are not the first baby or the actual baby of the family so are often forgotten. They are determined and have learnt a lot, though. They are the toughest and mentally strong as they have been forced to be. They often feel unloved and like an outcast. No one understands them. People mistake middle children for having anger issues but they really just need more love and don't know how to show it. Parents overlook all of their achievements so they become reckless and don't care what others think about them. Words are a middle sibling's worst weapon. They can make you cry or make you so angry but they are actually just jealous. They are jealous of those who haven't suffered and of those who have their parents, undying love. They also have the most personality, though. They stand out in any way they can in the hope someone sees them. They also have a lot of friends who are like family. Despite all this middle siblings are always the most successful and rich. They often have many relationships but may find it hard to settle down with someone. They work extremely hard and often are the most rewarded in life. They may do this to make there parents proud, they may do it for them.
Kid: Middle siblings are so angry!
Middle siblings: No! We're just misunderstood.
by chocbabe October 9, 2021
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