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A committed, monogamous, deeply personal and romantically passionate relationship that lasts a relatively short amount of time. A microlationship is voluntarily terminated when either partner finds that they are less excited about seeing the other person than they were the previous day. In other words, every day of a microlationship is more intense than the day before. Otherwise, a microlationship is indistinguishable from a "normal" relationship, except for the abbreviated duration.

Microlationships are premeditated by at least one, and ideally both, partners. Microlationships are entered according to the belief that the initial phase of a new relationship, when the two are beginning to "fall in love", is among the most unique and rewarding of human experiences, and that happiness can be maximized by maximizing the frequency of these encounters.

The ultimate value of microlationships is to engage in a large number of such encounters (though not concurrently) as a means of both in-the-moment satisfaction, as well as a way to gauge first hand the specific attributes of a significant other that you find most important in an eventual long-term relationship.

Note: Starting a microlationship with a partner who is not aware of your intent is probably a horrible thing to do to a person. Although microlationships are not an attempt to avoid responsibility and commitment, most people are probably going to look at them in this way.
1) "My microlationship ended today when I realized that Kim and I peaked, relationship-wise. Time to decompress, then start a new one."

2) "After about my 8th microlationship, I think I finally understand myself well enough to be involved in a long-term relationship that isn't full of ridiculous bullshit, disappointment, and naive expectations."

3) "I've never felt more connected with someone, and I thought things were going great, but then he just ended it one morning, which is when I learned what a 'microlationship' was. What a piece of shit he is. Just another guy who is afraid of commitment."

4) "Ever seen that movie Sweet November? Just like that, but without the cancer."
by Aurelien's Ghost June 26, 2011
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