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One of the best friends you could ever have, she's kind, intelligent, compassionate, and so much more. She had to grow up too fast for her own good, yet she continues to thrive and push through. She always feels like nothing is going her way and that things never will, but she just needs to have hope. Mickaylee is a beautiful person with a beautiful brain, heart, and soul, if you ever have the chance to get a mickaylee, hold on for dear life and never let her go, it'll be the worst mistake you've ever made. Cherish her, she'll love you at your lowest.
Kylie: "what's your name again?"
Mickaylee: "Mickaylee."

Kylie: " I knew it. You're such a great person!"
by TeardropTea January 28, 2019
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Mickaylee is a dumb ass hoe, who’s probably gonna be a stripper. A really shitty one
by Young Nigga Boi May 31, 2018
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