Describes the method of doing any mixed liquor shot. The first person to offer another to do a " michigan state " shot is to buy one mixed shot. Drink the whole shot but does not swallow. Carefully allow the person who accepted the proposal to do a "Michigan state shot" to drink half the shot via a mouth to mouth method. Both swallow their respective halves. Shot is finished.
Gentleman gets introduced to an attractive girl at bar.
Gentleman: would u like to do a Michigan state shot?
Attractive Lady with healthy teeth & no evidence of bad breath: what's is that? Sure.. Whatever...
Gentleman: I'll show u. But u have to trust me!
Lady: ok!!

Gentleman buys one mixed shot. Drinks but not swallow shot. Gently embrace the lady's neck for a mouth to mouth shot exchange. (Pause at this moment for any signs of resistance, if so, cancel and disengage). An intersted Lady would accepts the gesture and lean forward to embraces his shot-serving mouth. (Gentleman must make this as comfortable as possible without any over-powering or imposing positions). Shots are exchanged like birds feeding offspring. No kissing.

Gentleman: casually and not sensually. How was that??

Lady: hmmm . Good.
Gentleman: my name is Sparty. nice to meet you.
by Sparty311 April 30, 2013
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