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A Michelynah is someone predominately Asian. Normally a woman/girl, a Michelynah tends to have a select group of more-than-average-intelligence friends. She sports a rockin' bod and a cuter-than-is-possible haircut. With an adorable laugh and an even cuter smile, she is usually seen working, doing homework, or putting together fabulous runway-worthy outfits. Her trustworthy soul is occasionally masked by a front of shyness. Don't let it fool you. The girl's got a heart like a lion and the brain of a horse. (Horse sense is a good thing.) Practicality is second nature to this diva genius. Hit her up... just not while she is Tumbling.
"Is that Michelynah? She's like a bombshell or something.."

"Michelynah is the one to go to for haircuts. Here's her card."

"Michelynah will listen to you..... text her or call her anytime."

"Dude.... is Michelynah the one from Chao's... cause she was fricking HOT."
by Gracie_Loves_Michelynah September 03, 2011
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