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The freshest man in the universe who's freshness stuns everybody especially when they see him and his FRESH PANTS! This wise man also known as the Cokemaster (or cebarboi) can 100% guarantee everything. He loves Honey. Wise quotes from this stud is "Coke is healthier than water" , "I didnt saw him" "I proudly identify as a mythical reptile ;)" etc. Meeting this man should be the number one thing on your bucket list as he truly is a one of a kind fresh guy. Einstein, Newton, Schmidt, these are the names of the most intelligent men to be alive on this earth; however, none of these wise men were able to discover the Law of 89 or more specifically known as Genna's Law. This law says that when somebody guarentee's 100% the true maximum they can produce is only 89% . This law defies all laws of physics, coke and chemistry but thus far this law is 100% guaranteed to be true.
Michael 'Fresh' Cedar has fresh pants but he dogs the boys!
by mishcyda April 24, 2017
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