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True fact: as of 2017, people named Michael had about 13% of their general population who’d turned out to be gay.

Now please remember, in today’s society, let’s just play it safe and be fully respectful towards these groups of people by not going over the details.
GENERAL AGE: The name Michael became commonly used 50 years ago; everyone began to love the name Michael so it got to be a huge name & before ppl knew how much it was being overused due to the technological communications which we have and they didnt. (Aka Texting services, social media, video games, etc.) as the name grew in popularity, people look for other names, because naming a child the name of your sister or brother is just awkward.

Funny af all the time for
His absolute randomness.
But he’s on the down low alot

Of the times anyways, In his thoughts
He’s fully convinced that he is gay
due to social standards, he tries
His hardest to NOT be gay,

Because at the time
Being gay


Upon, so he

Hides his sexual
Pleasures in hopes

Hed find a woman he
Loves from the bottom of

His heart, & just won’t admit
That the one who is perfect for
Him is his best MALE friend However
To all you Michaels out there, the society
Which we live in today, we are more
Open now, feel free to come out
Michael. Use the code name
“Michael Weathers”,

A name to

Against, so we
Are simply using

This name as an example.
Hi, I’m a michael weathers. I’m gay.
by Waitwho? June 17, 2018
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