One of the worst colleges in the U.S. To attend Miami dade means you barely tried in life and only attending college because you would either live in your parents basement or masterbate to 2d girls.
Guy: hey I got into a college ?
Guy 2: nice ! What school ?
Guy: Miami Dade College!
Guy 2: dam your fucking retarded, you must be either a lazy fuck or brain dead. What’s your gpa?
Guy: 0.57 unweighted and 1.2 weighted....
Guy 2: HOT DAM! I think your austistic.
by HL.amqe May 07, 2019
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Day care for "college" kids
A: Broo I just got into Miami dade college!

B: Bro I heard that's like day care for stupid kids

A: Broo yeaa
by BMBaller February 07, 2014
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