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A small market run by mexicans and/or other foreigners. It is typically a small, locally owned business that looks like a gas station, but doesn't sell gas. They sell beer, cigs, pipes, cigarillos, scales, snacks, questionable foreign foods, and all the fake drugs you could possibly want.
Lets go to the Meximart by the Mapco and get some of that new molly plant food and we can pick up some of that fake coke while we're at it.
by bigboobz90 December 07, 2010
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A convenience store in a Mexican or Latino community where one can purchase various ethnic sundries in addition to more standard products. Strangely enough, the store is generally owned or run by folks of Middle Eastern descent who speak Spanish, Portuguese and 12 other languages. See also Ghandi mart
Hey, I'm going to run down to the Mexi Mart and pick up some taco shells and poblanos. Oh, and a day laborer. need anything else?
by fptdmc May 14, 2011
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