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(n.) A large, bottle of soda produced in Mexico. The bottle is usually taller than the regular bottles found in the U.S and contains a wide variety of sodas. These sodas range from the oh-so common Coca-Cola to Jarritos.

These drinks are normally sold at corner stores and local Mexican restaurants in the United States.
Man 1 - "Dude, this weather is making me crzy thirsty!"

Man 2 - "Well how's about we stop by Stripes then?"

Man 1 - "For what?"

Man 2 - "Some mexicokes!"
by Sexy Man Svet May 20, 2010
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Coca-Cola sweetened with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Sold in Mexico, but can be found in the United States at some corner stores, bodegas, and at chain grocery stores during Passover (Kosher Coke).
"Man, I'm really craving some sugar, but not that fake stuff. I'm going to run down to the bodega and get a Mexicoke."
by President Melissa March 21, 2009
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