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Term given to a sexual act carried out by two consenting geriatrics. During oral sex, the giver places a warm chilli-seasoned potato wedge in his/her mouth and sucks it to lubricate it. The giver then inserts the sodden wedge into their partner's rectal passage through the anus and continues to give said partner oral pleasure. The intention of this act is to cause mildly unpleasant burning sensations in the receiver's intimate areas resulting in an intense orgasm and the subsequent 'mulching' of the inserted wedge by the contracting anus. Ideally, the giver will then obligingly consume the mashed wedge as sign of affection.

In some Middle Eastern cultures, this act is known as 'Hakuni Balal' and is performed by travelling circus troupes to paying audiences.
Edna: How did your date with Derek go last night Elsie?

Elsie: Very well thank you Edna, I gave his bitch ass the mexican wedge of his life!
by ladyhaha10 October 06, 2011
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