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Licking a person from head to toe. Start on the pinkey toe and suck as if giving a blowjob. Move on to each toe, continuing in that manner. Suck on the heel, and then drag your toungue along the calf and suck on the knee. If you're feeling crazy, nibble on the skin behind the knee a bit. This'll drive 'em insane. Then, slide your toungue up their thigh and around their private areas. Tease them a bit, and don't go in for the kill quite yet. Slowly move your way in and then BITE down on either the penis or the labias. (Some women have large ones, making it easier.) Then drag your toungue back to their butt hole. Ignore the nasty taste. It'll feel good for them. Move your way back to the front of the body and go up their treasure trail. If it is a man, this should be easy to find. On some women also. However, if not, just go straight up to the belly button. Dart toungue in and out of belly button until the person begs you to stop. That just means they want more. Move up to the pecks/man boobs/breasts/seedlings/or whatever may be in the general chest area. 3 boobs is even better! The more the merrier! Lick all around. Then, feel free to bite here too. It's sensitive, so it'll be greatly appreciated. If you draw blood, don't worry. Just lick it up. That'll be even more fun! Go to neck and just give them about as many hickeys as you can muster. Then, don't kiss their lips because that might be uncomfortable. Then lick their entire face. ALL OVER. Eyes and everything. Go in their nose. Rarely do people do that, however, it is very pleasurable. Then, viciously attack the ears. I mean attack. Bite as hard as possible without biting them off. Then, nibble at the roots of the hair. Like a bunny rabbit. Then, work your way down the back, and on the opposite leg and foot. Repeat as many times as you can. They'll just love you after this.
The other day, I got a Mexican Street Dog from my boyfriend. It was the best thing ever! You should try.
by Sex=Life March 29, 2008
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