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The Activity which involves a group of mexican men mastorbating onto a male or females face or body. Similiar to a Bukakke but instead of Japenese men, its Mexican.
Dude she just got hammered by a Mexican now Storm!

-Whats all over her face?

- oh she just got back from a Mexican Snow storm.
by Jerk Smith July 04, 2006
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When a skank gets five dirty, greasy bastards to shoot their spic cream into her face. Similar to bukkake, but involves illegal immigrants covered in oil and dust.
Dude 1: "Jesus man, I just saw the worst porno!"
Dude 2: "What was it?"
Dude 1: "Mexican Snowstorm Vol. 5."
Dude 1: "Sick shit, Dawg!"
by Wizards Sleeve September 03, 2006
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