Mexican Parade Float

A definitive name for the 4 door truck or Extended Cab(carrying 10 - 12 people - usually Latinos) and the lawn service trailer filled with lawnmowers and weed eaters.

Mexican Parade Floats can normally be found parking in front of the neighbors house of the client, where there are several Latinos sleeping on and littering the neighboring lawns or going 20 miles per hour on the interstate, dropping yard debris in the road or proceeding at a Yellow light 1 second before it turns Red, as the entire truck population was busy watching something on YouTube on their phone to notice the light turned green.
Hey, sorry I am going to be late for the meeting, A Mexican Parade Float is blocking the road / my driveway.

What are all these Fanta Bottles on the yard - must have been a Mexican Parade Float passing through.
by senormule April 10, 2013
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