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A dirty sexual move and traditional dinner favored by Mexicans.
What is required:

1 Pound of Beef

6 Oz Tabasco HotSauce

1 Obese Mexican Woman

1 6 foot pallet

Between 5-15 friends

A patio 20 feet off the ground

How to: Obtain fat & aggressive Mexican Woman (usually found in low-income areas, Welfare offices, and at 5 Guys Burgers. Proceed to hire her with going Mexican Hooker rate (10-30$/hr) and lead her to the patio. Tie her up to the pallet (preferably by the Cankles & wrists) using thick 1 1/2 inch Hemp rope, and proceed to stuff the anus and vagina with meat fried in a pan with oil & spices. Then pour the Tabasco Sauce, first on the meat and surrounding areas, then into eyes, ears, nose, and other bodily orifices. Settle your guests to eat with the woman commanded to scream "La Bamba" with the threat of more Tabasco in her eyes should she be off key. Then proceed to enjoy your traditional Mexican dinner with live entertainment. After eating, proceed to push the Mexican woman off of the 20 ft+ patio. No clean up, no worries!
Manuel: Eyyy hefee, we deed da Mexican Enchilada Slider last nighttt. Ewe meesed it mayne.

Jose: Naa mayne. Me and me cousin deed eet to mah wife last nightt. Pretty tight shit hefee.
by Engineer Is a Spy October 15, 2011
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