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1. A prank consisting of farting heavily into a pair of compression shorts and promptly covering another person's head and face with it, thereby forcing them to inhale and smell the disgusting fart air trapped inside. It is commonly used on females after a particularly upsetting one-night-stand, but its use is not limited to any specific situation.

This act is named the "Mexican Burqa" because the covering of one's face is similar to the wearing of a burqa for women in Muslim culture, with the word "mexican" describing the addition of smelly ass ripping into the tightly bound "burqa" represented by the compression shorts.
Steve: I can't believe you hooked up with that girl last night, she was so gross!

Dave: I know, I was so drunk I didn't even realize it.

Steve: Did you at least let her know you didn't like it?

Dave: Yeah dude, I gave her a serious Mexican Burqa before I left.

Steve: Nice.
by GaysAgainstFags June 01, 2012
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