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Noun.) The act of being constipating and profusely attempting to shit, only to have the shit prairie dog back in, with the extra effort usually causing the sphincter to close prematurely, depositing your "hard work" piece by piece in the commode.

Verb.) (Mexican Guillotining) Engaging in the Mexican Guillotine.
1.) "God, man. I shouldn't have eaten those 10 5-layer burritos from Taco Bell. I was up all last night pulling off a Mexican Guillotine. That goddamn cheese is how they get you..."
2.) "Dude. I feel bad for Jim. I heard that bastard in the bathroom during lunch break, and he sounds like he's having a pretty hard time. He's probably Mexican Guillotinin' it so bad in there, it's starting to look like a damn Fiesta."
by Fotzengeil April 05, 2010
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