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n.) A semi-normal chunky hispanic girl. This little slut started off as the illegal maid you hired under-the-table for $5 a week. Once you have defiled her and performed all the sick sexual positions you can think of, that your girlfriend wouldn't dream of letting you do. She usually ends up getting passed around to a number of a your friends before you are completely disgusted by her and call the INS on her illegal ass.
Brian: I can't believe that Celeste is gone, dude. That crazy bitch could Suck-The-Chrome-Off-A-Buick.

Jimmy: I know. That was the cleanist my house and cock have ever been. It's too bad that Jillian caught her cleaning out my pipes. She was the best Mexi-Roll a man could ask for. The fuckin' INS showed up 15 minutes later and hauled her ass away.

Brian: Oh well, dude. Mexi-Rolls are a dime a dozen right now. Jasper T's been smuggling them past the border. I think he's got 5 more locked in his basement.
by Funkytown66 February 27, 2008
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