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The most kindest girl you will ever meet. She have a very ethnic look to her and she is very loyal. She can always tell when someones being fake. She can be shy sometimes when it comes to meeting new people but when she opens up to you she is the funniest person you will every talk to. She will stand up for her friends no matter what. She is a goody goody. She hates getting in trouble. She is a very bright person who wants to be powerful when she gets older. She'll do a good job in a business career. She likes being the center of attention when it comes to her friends, but when it comes to new people she doesn't know she hides in the crowd. She's very athletic and likable. She can NEVER stop smiling, even when she's in a bad mood she can always find something to be happy about. She likes fashion and making a good impression on people. If you ever meet a girl named Mewa and don't become friends with her you'll regret it. She's beautiful and such a good friend. She'll stand by you no matter what and help you out with what ever you're having trouble with. She hangs out with girls who are fashionable,athletic,loyal,and nice. She is very open minded and doesn't like leaving people out. She tries to be nice to everyone because she knows that if she's mean it will come back and haunt her. She can be very stubborn sometimes. She likes being in control and she wants everything to be her way. If you want a friend who will never leave your side, Mewa is the girl to find.
Boy: I want to ask Mewa out but I'm super ugly..
Boy2: dude she doesn't give a shit about what you look like
by Alohavera August 07, 2018
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