The Metro-North Railroad is a semi-decent commuter railroad in the New York metropolitan area. There are three lines, the Hudson Line (to/from Poughkeepsie); the Harlem (to/from Wassaic) and the New Haven Line (to/from New Haven, Conneticut). The New Haven Line has three smaller branches into Danbury, New Caanan and Waterbury. All three lines go as south as Grand Central Terminal.
I need to go home to Poughkeepsie, the Metro-North Railroad dosen't run past 1am.
by 1-800-MARGARITA July 18, 2006
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The railroad running from GCT in NYC to points north in upstate New York. The Metro-North Railroad (MNR) is operated by the MTA and joint-run by NJT West of the Hudson and joint-run by CT in Connecticut on the New Haven Line.
I took the Metro-North Railroad the other to Valhalla. Friendly conductors, and a pretty nice ride. Wish there was a little more legroom.

Nice. The last time I took the MNR, the train was delayed......
by ThatGuyWhoFilmsTransit January 12, 2021
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