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A Metro Man is basically a vain creature who is in love with his own reflection and persona.

They love to blow dry their hair while looking at themselves in the mirror. They spend massive amounts of time shopping for clothes, the newest technology and anything that can make them "Look Cool" to other people.

They also spend countless dollars on face & skin lotions, shampoos, colones, & grooming accessories.

They are usually Cheaters and Players and make horrible boyfriends, husbands or "Life Partners." They are so vain that when they have sex, they are usually imagining fucking themselves.
Reiner is such a Metro Man as he stands in a long, adoring gaze in front of his Bathroom Vanity with his hairdryer and $180's worth of beauty aids laid out before him.
by Tina from the BGCA August 08, 2014
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A heterosexual man whose masculinity goes beyond the stereotyped masculine, thus, he is not confined to a normative definition of masculinity, defining and expressing his sexuality creatively. They are secure in their sexuality, and their sensitivity, intuition and penchant for grooming, style and fashion doesn't make them feel any less masculine or any less heterosexual. A metro man is the image of a modern man."
A metrosexual is a metro man.
by Buddyhunk February 11, 2004
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